Monday, June 18, 2007

My connection with Nature (2)

How do I live on the earth right now? I live modestly in a garden condo. I do not feel the need to have a bigger house. I dislike clutter, and strive for simplicity.

Clutter comes in many forms. Financial clutter is when you overspend to feel good. Demanding more and falling behind in payments has a cascading effect. The things no longer please you, and they take up valuable space. You accumulate debt, and more things. After awhile, you become trapped, unable to function as the debt piles up. You think that a bigger house is the answer. Of course, that eats up more resources both financial and physical.

Body clutter is when you over focus on food. You demand food in fashion or out of season. This uses up scarce resources like the rainforest and oceans. The transportation system becomes congested with shipping more and more food. More land is only used for roads. Moreover, the air becomes more fouled as more trucks put out exhaust. Buying food in season focuses on replenishing the local resources.

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