Saturday, June 30, 2007

Otters on youtube

Hi everyone,

"Ferrets have a golden rule that we humans could teach to our sons and daughters,
Do unto Otters, as Otters would do unto you."

This is on youtube - a short video of sea otters holding paws by Cynthia Holms, taken 5 years ago. I watched it several times and it was truly remarkable. The otters were not simply floating or rafting together. I thought it was great.

Watch the whole 1 minute and 40 seconds, it is not an accident these otters are holding hands!

The otters are Niack (She is a survivor of the Exxon Valdez Oil spill) and Vido, of the Vancouver Aquarium.

Otters at the Otter Trust, Earsham, Suffolk, UK

Watch European Otters play and eat and swim to music (not the otters, the sound on the tape.)

Baby otter learning to swim:

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Michelle said...

Totaly non topic, but I was reading your profile and saw your movie list.

I've driven over the house where "Ring of Bright Water" was written/happened. The Skye bridge now goes to the island and then on to Skye itself.

I was going "COOOOOOL! I'm over the otter's house!" all the way over the bridge instead of looking at the scenery. LOL