Friday, January 25, 2008

Human Interaction and Marine Mammals (part 2)

People, who think they are helping marine animals, maybe harming them. Colin, a California sea lion was fed bread by people. Unfortunately, Colin had to be euthanized, after being rescued by the Marine Mammal Center from these people. Also, a habor seal was fed whipping cream and clams. Seals and other marine mammals do not have digestive systems for human food. A veterinarian is needed to provide them with appropriate food.

On the other hand, humans have sued a cruise ship line for killing a pregnant humpack whale in Clacier Bay National Park in Alaska, and won! Passengers aboard the ship reported that the ship struck something. The ship's naturalist report it their colleagues. The veterniarian who performed the autopsy on the whale testified in court. The cruise line had to pay $750,000 in charges because the captain did not divert the ship's course as mandated by the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act.

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