Saturday, January 26, 2008

Help the Manatees!

From Sirenian International:

As promised, I've linked a new manatee video to our
America's Giving Challenge Campaign Badge at
http://www.sirenian .org.

For 5 more days, your donation of only $10 will help
us win $50,000.

If you haven't contributed, I hope this 8-minute video
short, "Swimming with the Mermaids", will inspire you
to make a tax-deductable donation to Sirenian
International before January 31st.

If you've already contributed, thanks again and enjoy
your "swim"!

Winning the America's Giving Challenge contest would
enable us to catalyze our grassroots organization and
make a more significant impact on manatee and dugong
conservation around the world. These are just a few
of the programs your generous gift will make possible:

Mermaids: Ambassadors from Sea to Sea, our 2008
Educational Outreach Program in the USA
The Sirenian Network, our professional database,
discussion list, bibliography, and library program
designed to increase the capacity of Participating
Members to achieve our shared conservation goals
The SI Small Grants Program, designed to catalyze
conservation oriented research, capacity building, and
educational outreach projects in developing nations
where alternative sources of funding are difficult to

If you have contributed, thanks again! Your continued
support help make it possible for us to expand and
enrich the services we provide. If you haven't done
so already, please pass the link to our Campaign Badge
on through your social network -- with your help we
can win one of the $50,000 prizes!


caryn@sirenian. org
============ ========= ===
Have you accepted America's Giving Challenge, yet?
Donate just $10 online http://www.sirenian .org and
help Sirenian International win $50,000!

The mission of Sirenian International is to promote
the long-term conservation of manatee and dugong
populations and our shared aquatic habitats around the
world through research, education, and inter-cultural

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