Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Sacred Pipe



The Pipe is a gift from the Great Mystery. Because of its sacred nature, a Pipe is kept wrapped in separate pieces. The stem and bowl are connected only for the Pipe Ceremony. When the Pipe is smoked, the people’s breath became sacred. Only the truth could be spoken at that time.

In the Pipe Ceremony, tobacco is offered to the Four Directions, Mother Earth, and Father Sky. Starting at East, of the Good Red Road, offerings were then made to South of plants, West of the sunset, and North of health. In Thanksgiving for life and warmth, Mother Earth and Father Sky received their gifts.


The Sacred Pipe balances our male and female sides. With the Pipe, we can connect with the Great Mystery (Creator), and come into alignment with All Our Relations. Honoring the blessings of the Great Mystery, we keep the Sacred Traditions, and mend the Sacred Hoop.


The Sacred Pipe asks you to honor who you are and why you are here. Make peace with yourself, and your Path will become clear.

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