Friday, February 29, 2008

Lapis Lazuli

When I work with the stone elders, I do not have favorites. They all have wisdom that they impart to me. However, if I was to choose one, it was would be the lapis lazuli, with her deep blue color and flecks of gold. Because of lapis’ deep gold aura, I can sense the difference between her and sodalite. When I hold this elder in my hand, I feel waves of soothing calmness come over me. Lapis soothes my feverish mind.

I am not surprised that ancient people also held lapis in high regard. The Egyptians viewed this stone elder as sacred to Maat, the Goddess of Truth and Balance. Meanwhile, the Romans carried lapis for courage and protection.

When I hold a lapis, I am anchored at the place where present meets the past and future. Moreover, this elder transports me to the nexus of time and space. With lapis’ assistance, the Universe opens her secrets to me, there.

In my conversations with lapis, she whispers to me the wisdom of the ancestors and the honor of the past. Then, this elder connects me to the future and the hope it contains. Finally, she unfolds the beauty of the present before me. Later, as I reflect on my experience, I begin to understand the truths that lapis tells me.

When I work with lapis, I can feel a deep healing within myself. In addition, my energies become better aligned. I feel my depression lifting as lapis flashes her gold at me. The glorious blue of lapis with the flecks of gold invites me to explore the world of beauty. While holding lapis, I feel that I can do anything, since I am now a part of the Universe.

Discovering that lapis is the stone of Jupiter (the Sky Father) and Tiamaat (the Mistress of the Cosmos) makes me appreciate her more. I feel that this elder combines the powers of the Cosmos and the Earth into one. My further experiences with lapis have been of connecting with both Jupiter and Tiamaat.

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