Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dragon Jewels

Choosing the Dragon Jewels was easier than selecting the bag they reside in. I do stone casting, but wanted to use the class parameters. Therefore, I asked each of my crystals, who of them would want to be part of the Dragon Jewels casting set.

Although I prefer working with fluorite, laborite and malachite, they told me that they were not interested in divination. However, the other crystals did give me their permission to use them, except for the amethyst. He wanted me to find a one to be dedicated to Dragon Jewel casting.

My method of choosing Dragon Jewels is to listen for them. I am hard of hearing but I can hear their humming quite clearly. When I go into a rock shop, if one is calling to me, I will hear a low hum. As I approach, the crystal will start to sing. When I see the stone, they will sparkle. Holding the crystal in my hand, I feel a tingling. This is how I chose the new amethyst.

For me, each Dragon Jewel has a different character. The small but mighty ruby is intense. The pale, yellow amber whispers of ancient suns. Full of pep, the snowflake obsidian jumps into my hand. Pushy aquamarine insists on being first in everything. He told me that He was the Godfather of the Dragon Jewels. Aloof tiger iron quietly shimmers just inside my view. Childlike, clear quartz pipes up in a high voice, “Oo, OO, pick Me!” Serene moonstone gently glows while cool jades does his jazz riffs. His partner in swing, citrine, dances in delight. Shy lapis quietly waits her turn.

Choosing my bag was an adventure in itself. My Dragon Jewels wanted a special bag to live in. I found my bag in an out-of-the-way store in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Virginia). This soft velvet bag is decorated with soft sparkly beads. A purple lizard is hand sewn using stones on the front. The Stone Elders delighted in this bag.

Note: I do not “use” my Dragon Jewels. They are Stone Elders deserving of my respect.

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