Monday, December 06, 2010

Dragon Search: Chinese

For one week keep track of all the Chinese type dragons that you see. Note the date, the place and what specific type of Chinese dragon it is.

31 October – 6 November 2010

31 October 2010
During this week, I was using the “Dragons Tarot” (by Severino Baraldi & Manfredi Toraldo) for daily divination.  One of the cards I drew was the 10 of Chalices.  This Tarot card featured the “Imperial Dragon of water”.  I believe that this dragon was a Li-lung since he had no wings but did possess five toes.

1 November 2010
This day I drew The Wheel (XI) from the deck which had two white dragons holding each other’s tails.  I thought they resembled the Ti’en-lungs of Chinese dragons.

2 November 2010
I keep a glass-blown dragon in my home by my bedside.  This multi-coloured dragon is long with two horns and five toes.  I thought that it was another Li-lung.

3 November 2010
One of the cards I drew from the “Dragons Tarot” was the Infanta of Chalices.  This card had a white dragon which is presenting the baby girl.  I thought it was a Pai Lung.

4 November 2010
While playing Zoo World on FaceBook, I discovered the “Chinese Lucky Dragon” that was featured in this game.  According to Zoo World, when the “Lucky Dragon” is flying, you can see a faint rainbow in its tail.  The little dragon itself is blue-green, leading me to think that it could be a Shin-lung.

5 November 2010
While playing “Fish World” on FaceBook, I found a dragon decoration.  This dragon was long, green, and snakelike with no limbs.  It was a Pa Snake.

6 November 2010
One of the cards I drew from the Dragons Tarot” was the King of Chalices.  This card featured the Chinese Emperor with a dragon sitting next to him.  That dragon is a Ti’en-lung.

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