Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vultures: Purification

Vulture is the common name for two different groups of carrion-eating Birds. The Vultures of the New World may be relatives of Storks, while the Vultures of the Old World are relatives of Hawks. The two Vulture groups are a good example of convergent evolution-–similar species evolving from totally different origins.

Efficient scavengers and fliers, Vultures feed on carrion. Flying after the ground has warmed up, Vultures soar using air thermals to find food. When They find a dead animal, Vultures feed communally, usually eating enough food to sustain Themselves for a week. Since their stomachs have elastic walls, Vultures can consume a large amount of food. They provide a vital service in nature by feeding on dead and dying animals.

Vulture may have a sinister appearance, but She plays a helpful role in the ecology. Adapted for feeding on the flesh of dead animals, this adept scavenger acts as a natural garbage collector. By discovering and then picking clean rotting carcasses, Vulture helps to eliminate a potential source of disease.

Both groups of Vultures teach purification. They eat dead animals ridding the earth of potential disease carriers. Vultures cleanse and restore Nature to her original state. They teach how to clean up messes that you and others have made. Not only that, They also teach how to return everything back to its natural state. Learn from Vulture, all aspects of purification.

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