Thursday, November 04, 2010

VIPER FAMILY (Viperidae): Appreciate Your Talents

Vipers (Adders, Copperheads, Cottonmouths, and Rattlesnakes) are the Snakes that people of the Northern Hemisphere are the most acquainted with.  Found nearly everywhere except in Australia and various islands countries, these stocky Snakes live in cold regions as well.  Usually identified by their triangular heads and short tails, Vipers, also, have long-hinged fangs unlike Cobras.
            Another difference between Cobras and Vipers is their venom.  To cause death in their victims, the venom of Cobras paralyzes the muscles.  Meanwhile, Viper venom causes the collapse of blood pressure of their prey.  Since Vipers have weak digestive system, their venom also breaks down the proteins as well in the victim’s body.
            Scientists have divided the Viper Family into several groups.  Found in the mountains of Asia, Fea’s Vipers (Azemiopinae) flatten their bodies to make Themselves wider.  One of the most primitive of Vipers is the Night Adder (Causinae).  Meanwhile, Pit Vipers (Crotalinae) have a heat sensitive organ (pit) between their eyes and nostrils.  This pit organ gives Them a sixth sense, a sort of primitive eye, which aids these Snakes in finding their prey.  True Vipers or Pitless Vipers (Viperinae) include the Adders, Bush Vipers, Horned Vipers, and Puff Adders.  Since these Snakes have a better tolerance for cold than most Snakes, They can live within the Arctic Circle.
            Scientists have noticed that various Vipers make decisions about using their venom on their prey.  By considering a multitude of factors, Each Snake figures how much to inject.  They usually assess the prey’s species, size, and threat level.  For instance, a large animal may not require as much as a smaller one, depending on the species.
            Appreciate your talents teaches the Viper Family.  Pit Vipers use their “sixth sense” to hunt their prey.  Tolerating the cold, Common Adders burrow deep into the earth during Arctic winters to survive.  Furthermore, many Vipers use their intelligence to decide how much venom to inject into their victims.  Appreciate your talents and use them well.

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