Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lives of a Chinese Dragon (2 of 2)

A thousand years go by:
Baby Kiao grows
Four stubby legs
Four stubby claws
A proper dragon’s head
A proper dragon’s tail
A proper dragon’s beard

Now named Kiao-lung
Frolics, playing, spurting water

Five hundred years pass by:
Child Kiao-lung grows
Full of bright energy,
Dancing in the rivers

Now named Kioh-lung,
Frolics, playing, spraying water

Five hundred years pass by:
Adolescent Kioh-lung grows
Graceful and wise
Auspicious and sage

Now named Ying-lung
Frolics, dancing, flying above

Three thousand years from
Egg to dragon
Baby to adult
Dragons all
Kiao, Kiao-lung,
Not ---
Sounds of silverware
Dropped on pots

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