Saturday, October 02, 2010

Dragons: Bhutan and Vietnamese

1.       Druk: Bhutan (Dzongkha)
The people of Bhutan refer to their nation as the “Land of the Druk” (Thunder Dragon).  The dragon depicted on their flag is long and sinewy with no wings.  It has four legs with three claws on each foot.  The druk’s snarling mouth represents the deities who protect Bhutan.  In addition, the pearl that the druk holds represents the wealth of the country. 

2.      Rong (Long): Vietnamese
Through the ages, Vietnamese dragons went through various depictions.  Originally the rong was a combination of a crocodile, snake, lizard, and bird.  Later it morphed into a slender snake-like dragon with a tapering tail.  The rong had fins, a mane and beard.  It also possessed small thin legs that ended in three toes.  Under Chinese influence, the rong became more like the Chinese lung.

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