Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Understanding the ElementsThrough STAR WARS and the Zodiac

To assign the Zodiac Signs in various fiction roles, I chose the STAR WARS Saga of Episodes IV-VI: “A NEW HOPE” (1977, Lucas), “THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK” (1980, Lucas), and “THE RETURN OF THE JEDI” (1983, Lucas).  These movies offer a wealth of characters that can ably represent the various Signs.  Although these movies have a majority of male roles, some of the characters exhibit feminine characteristics. (Each Sign of the Zodiac has elements and gender assigned to them.)
Aries (energetic and initiative)
Luke Skywalker
Once a callow youth, Luke matures into a Jedi Knight.  As a new Rebel, he destroys the Death Star.  Afterwards, Luke takes the initiative to redeem his father, Darth Vader. He enables his father to reclaim himself again. 

2.      Taurus (grounded and permanent)
Because the humans often depend on him, R2-D2 calmly seeks out solutions to their problems, even when they ignore him.  While under attack, he maintains constant contact with the other computers.  So trustworthy is he, that Princess Leia Organa entrusts R2-D2 to find Obi-Wan Kenobi.

3.       Gemini (communicative and adaptable)
Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi
As a Jedi master, Obi-Wan adapts to any situation that he finds himself in.  While aboard the Millennium Falcon, Obi-Wan trains Luke Skywalker in the ways of The Force.  Later after death, he continues to counsel Luke at crucial points in Luke’s life.

4.       Cancer (nurturing and inspiring)
Admiral Ackbar
A native of the water planet Mon Calamari, Admiral Ackbar inspires the Rebel Alliance to achieve the impossible – destroy the second Death Star.  Exclaiming “It’s a trap!” the Admiral warns his troops so that they are not needlessly killed.

5.       Leo (spontaneous and stubborn)
Han Solo
In spite of the mystical beliefs of everyone around him, Han Solo steadfastly refuses to believe in The Force or “mystic mumbo-jumbo” as he calls it.  When C-3PO cites the awful odds of his intended actions, Han scoffs at him and does them anyway.  However, in a spontaneous move, he returns to the battle at Yavin to save Luke Skywalker as Luke battles the Death Star.

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