Monday, October 04, 2010

COBRA FAMILY (ELAPIDAE): Power of Life and Death

The Cobra (Elapidae) Family, comprising of Cobras, Coral Snakes, Mambas, and Kraits, are the most deadly of Snakes. People should understand that “Cobra” is a common name for a wide variety of hooded snakes.  The genus, Naja, contains the species that most epitomize “Cobras”—fast, graceful, and with an extended hood. Most people are familiar with Cobras, through the pictures of snake charmers.
Living everywhere except in Europe, Elapidae are active hunters who possess large hollow fangs, that contain venom.  All these Snakes can kill in a single bite.  The “spitting” Cobras that actually squirt their venom are dangerous as well.  All the Elapidae are fatal to humans.
The Cobra Family does teach about the power of life and death. Knowledge of their habits can save your life. Remember to learn all you can before going into a dangerous area.

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