Tuesday, October 05, 2010

EGYPTIAN COBRA: Power of Protection

The most venomous of the Naja Cobras, Egyptian Cobra (Naja haje) is not afraid of people.  She will enter their houses and gardens at will.  Hunting at night, Egyptian Cobra swiftly searches for Birds, Lizards, and Toads to eat.
In ancient Egypt, this Cobra was a personification of hidden wisdom. Also, the Cobra on the Pharaoh’s crown is Egyptian Cobra, an emblem of royalty. This Cobra was also known as “Asp”, whose bite allegedly killed Queen Cleopatra.
The Cobra Goddess (Wadjet) was the protector and guardian of Lower Egypt.  Part of the Uraesus Crown was adorned with Wadjet who defended the Pharaoh.  The Cobra Goddess would protect the Pharaoh, when he wore this crown, since he represented Egypt. She spat fire at his enemies, immediately destroying them.
Egyptian Cobra offers us protection.  As She defended the Pharaoh, so will She defend us.  Remember though to treat Egyptian Cobra with respect unless you want to risk death.

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