Monday, October 18, 2010


            Giant amongst Snakes, the Python Family is comprised of twenty-six Snakes.  These Snakes are further divided into eight groups based on their color, size, and geographic location.  Contrary to popular belief, Pythons do not crush their prey but instead suffocate their victims by constriction.  Usually, found in Africa, Asia, and Australia, these Snakes are now an invasive species in North America.
            Pythons hunt and consume large animals.  Moving through the forests, these deadly predators taste the air with their tongues.  With their acute sense of smell, Pythons easily find Gazelles and Leopards to kill.  After eating such large creatures, these Snakes will probably not eat for months.
            Unusual for a Snake, Pythons incubate their eggs.  “Shivering” to raise her body heat, Mother Python will wrap her body around her eggs.  She leaves her nest only to bask in the sun to get warm.
            These animals, who are really giant tubes of muscles, have an unexpected softer side.  Many people see Pythons as only fearsome deadly Reptiles.  Little do they know that Mother Python tenderly cares for her eggs.  Even cold blooded Snakes may surprise you with their kindness.  Before you judge, make sure you know the full story.

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