Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dragons; Polish, Russian, and Tartar

1.      Smok: Polish
The smok once lived in a cave under the Wawel Hill (near the Vistula River) which is in Krakow, Poland.  This dragon is referred to as “Smok Wowelski” (Dragon of Wawel Hill), which is near the Vistula River.  The City of Krakow placed a sculpture of the smok near the spot where it lived.  This sculpture depicts a scaly, wingless dragon with six legs.  It also breathes fire (with the help of natural gas).

2.       Zmey: Russia
The zmey is described as being a snake-like dragon with multiple heads.  The number of the heads was an odd number between three and nine.  (Zmey’s heads will grow back unless the stump is sealed by fire.)  The zmey also had two wings, two small forearms, and two hind legs.

3.      Zilant :Tartar (Yilan) [Ajdaha: Persian]
As depicted on the Coat of Arms of Kazan Governorate (Tartarstan, Russia), the zilant had two chicken legs, bat wings, a bird body, and snake tail.  It also spits fire.  However in various stories, this dragon had four chicken legs, and was regarded to be a flying snake.  The zilant of stories also lived in water.

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