Sunday, September 26, 2010


As the largest Snake in the world, Anaconda is the subject of many monster stories.  At home in the water, She swims with grace and agility.  Spying Jaguar at the water’s edge, Anaconda quickly bites Him with her sharp teeth, and then drags Jaguar into the water drowning Him.  Otherwise, She will kill her prey by squeezing them to death.  These actions of Hers make Anaconda into a monster for many people.
            Anaconda lives in the swamps and marshes of the Amazon and Orinoco River basins.  The water supports this large Snake’s body, allowing Her to become even longer and heavier.  With her eyes on the top of her head, Anaconda stealthy moves in the water partly submerged.  She is a top predator where She lives.
            Tales of the “Giant Anaconda” have been told ever since the Spanish arrived in the Americas.  Local people have added to her mystic reputation by referring to Anaconda as “Mata-toro” (bull killer).  Meanwhile, the Yaqurunas of Peru named Her, “Mother of the Water”.
            Because She dwells in inaccessible swamps, Anaconda cannot readily be seen.  Hence many fantastic tales of a monster lurking just below the water is often told about Anaconda.  As the Snake of our imagination, She swims just below our consciousness.  Before we tremble in terror, we need to expose this fantasy to the light.  Anaconda challenges us to see the truth, and understand how our imaginations can paralyze us.

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