Friday, September 10, 2010


Found in Australia and New Guinea, Brolga is famous for her intricate and stately dancing. According local Australian lore, Brolga was named for a woman who was an exquisite dancer. She was transformed into a crane after she rejected all of her suitors. (“Brogla” is the shortened version of “Burralga” (from Gamilaraay) the official name.)

Within her flock, Brolga keeps to her small family. Each Brolga flock is actually a collective of families. However, when one Bird takes off, the others in the flock will follow suit. The whole group of Birds seems to move on the whim of only one Bird.

Brolga uses her dancing to bond with her Mate. She lines up opposite to Him, and begins stepping about with her wings half open. Bobbing and bowing, the two Cranes then stop and trumpet to each other. Sometimes They will jump, run, and throw sticks up in the air. At other times, the whole flock will dance together for no reason.

Dancing is an important way for people to express themselves. By moving your body, you can convey joy, sadness, and love. Brolga dances to deepen her bond with her mate. Learn the art of the dance from Brolga, and dance for no reason at all.

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