Friday, September 24, 2010

BOA CONSTRICTOR: Respect Your Fears

One of the most feared animals of the Amazon jungle is Boa Constrictor.  The truth is that He is less terrifying than many people’s tales about Him.  Boa Constrictor consumes medium-sized Mammals but not the huge giants of stories.  In fact, in some places of South America, people keep Him as a House Snake to catch Rats.
            As ambush hunter, Boa Constrictor remains hidden in the dense forest.  Flicking his tongue, He sense prey nearby.  Suddenly, He strikes forward and bites them.  Wrapping his body around the unfortunate victim, Boa Constrictor slowly squeezes until their breathing stops.  However when Boa Constrictor is threatened, He will hiss loudly enough to be heard in the area.
            Boa Constrictor has many unique qualities for a Snake.  He has pelvic spurs which are the remainder of his original legs.  Instead of only having one lung, He has two.  Furthermore, Boa Constrictor has a much shorter tail than most Snakes.
            Boa Constrictor wants you to respect your fears.  He may be terrifying as imagined but He is also a House Snake who eats vermin.  However, always that Boa Constrictor is an ambush hunter.  Respect your fears, but do not let them overwhelm you.

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