Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shielding by Colours

When I used the self-cleansing form of the basic shield, I felt invigorated. The self-cleansing element made everything seem fresher and cleaner. My world became sparkling clean and comforting too. I will probably continue to include the self-cleansing element in my shields since it made me feel so good.

Next, I decided to experiment with various colours as filters. This was a new concept to me in shields – defense by colour. The colours I choose were orange, green, indigo, brown, and white.

Using the orange shield, I felt goodwill radiating from people. They seemed friendlier than usual, happily greeting me. Adding the self-cleansing element made my shield seem like fizzy soda. The orange colour combination made it sparkling and dazzling.

Adding green to my shield, I felt peaceful and fresh. Animals noticed me when I went for walks. However, people did not since I seemed to be a part of the background. Adding green to the self-cleansing element, I could also sense a minty smell to the shield.

In contrast, the indigo filter made me feel removed from the world. I was in my own bubble, an otherworldly specter to people around me. To me, the indigo shield felt like the bluest notes of the Blues. Combining the self-cleansing aspect with indigo, I could feel a jazz element amongst the blue notes.

Using the brown filter made me feel like a moving tree. Squirrels and butterflies certainly treated me as one. As with the green shield, animals were responsive to me, but people were not. When I applied the self-cleaning element to the brown filter, it made inside of the shield seem like dry crackling leaves.

With the white shield, people and animals were open and friendly to me. However, I became overwhelmed with all the attention I was getting. In addition, the self-cleansing aspect added glitter to the white shield. Although I liked the white filter, it proved too stimulating for me.

Using colour filters with the shields take practice. Each colour has its own attribute which changes with the person using it. At least for me, the white filter was overwhelming while the indigo one was depressing. I think I will use the green and orange filters more often since they agree with my “essence”.

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