Sunday, February 20, 2011

Astrology: Mercury in Retrograde

Often times when people talk about miscommunication on a large scale, some of them will mention Mercury in retrograde.  Mercury is the planet of communication. 

There has been an awful eruption among churchgoers in the local congregation. Some people are blaming other people, there is a breakdown in communication and things are getting fairly hot under the collar with the church elders. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini. The time of year is the second week of August. Can you explain how the elements and planets might be influencing this situation? 

    Mercury influences communication, and under Gemini, that communication will be far reaching.  Mercury in retrograde in Gemini would make communication among groups difficult, and more prone to misunderstandings between people.  The second week of August is ruled by Leo, a fixed fire Sign that is governed by the Sun.  Moreover, this period of August is in the sector of “fire of fire” when Leo’s influence is the strongest.  Since the Sun rules the ego, tempers among people at this time would flare up and remain inflamed.

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