Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dragons of Various Asian Myths

Myth:  Goolung Bridge (Chinese)
Type:     Li-lung
Description:  Not described in story.  Normally a serpentine Chinese dragon
Actions:  Dislikes people.  Changed into humans to take water from the area to drive people away their territory
Norm:  No
Why:  Unlike the usual li-lung, the two dragons of the story would not share their water.

Myth:  Dragon Pearl (Chinese)
Type:  Li-lung
Description:  Has two long-scales on its body, horns on its head, and two wings on its back
Actions:  Born from a pearl.  Brings water to the people
Norm:  Yes

Myth:  Pai-Lung (Chinese)
Type:  Pai-Lung
Description:  White dragon
Actions:  Acted as a benevolent dragon
Norm: No
Why:  Born from a human woman

Myth:  Koshi Dragon (Japanese)
Type:  Yamata dragon
Description:  Had eight heads and whiptails, and flaming eyes
Actions:  Abducted and ate people.  Drank sake
Norm:  No
Why:  Does what European dragons usually do

Myth:  Kiyo’s Lesson (Japanese)
Type:  Kiyo
Description:  Not described in story.  Probably the usual Japanese dragon with three toes
Actions:  Human woman shape-shifts into a dragon.  Sought revenge and flamed a priest.
Norm:  No
Why:  Was a human, and not a dragon

Myth:  Indra and Vritra (Indian)
Type:  Vritra
Description: Great limbless dragon, resembles a snake
Actions: Held the waters of the world.  Fought Indra
Norm:  Yes
Why:  Holding the waters is what most cosmic Asian dragons do

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