Thursday, April 07, 2011

Musing on Black, White, and Grey Magic (3)

To me, the best working definition of “black”, “white”, and “grey” magick entails intent, permission, and understanding.  For a spell to be considered white magick, the intent would have to be benign such as seeking healing or blessings. The recipient or intended focus of the spell must consent to the aim or objective of the spell.  Finally, all the participants need to understand the aims, and potential outcomes of the spell.
            Of course, black magick would be the opposite.  The intentions of the spell would entail cursing or humiliating someone.  The spellcaster would expect the object of the spell to obey them.  Finally the spellcaster would not care if anyone else understood the potential outcomes.  Under these guidelines, a love spell could be considered black magick, since it does not usually involve seeking consent from the intended.
            Grey magick would have some of the elements of white and black magick.  The intent could be benign or malevolent.  For example, I could want to better myself unknowingly at the expense of others.  A healing spell for someone who did not ask for the healing or knew about it would be considered grey magick.  If the recipient does not understand the spell or the outcome would also make the spell a grey one.
            In doing magick, the spellcaster has to be clear on their intent.  They also have to consider the participants and consent of those involved.  Because white and black magick are the extremes, most magick is grey.  How grey depends on the spellcaster and their ethics.  Before a spell can be cast, intent, permission, and understanding need to be worked out first.  No consent or understanding, but a good intent will make the spell only a grey one.
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