Friday, April 29, 2011

Tarot: The Tarot of the Trees

Copyright: Dana Driscoll
Because I prefer using Tarot decks for meditation, I am fussy about the decks that I select for use.  The ones that I choose are usually original, colourful, and of a subject that I can relate to.  Because of my esoteric tastes, many of my Tarot decks are not accessible to the general public for readings.

One deck that I am considering is the Tarot of the Trees (Dana Driscoll, 2008).  Few decks are focused on trees, a subject that I dearly love.  In addition, this private deck features colourful and expressive trees in various circumstances.  Also, Ms. Driscoll’s sequence of the seasons matching the Minor suits (Cups-spring, Wands-summer, Swords-autumn, Pentacles-winter) makes intuitive sense to me.

Since I am attuned to trees, the pictures draw me in further for mediation.  For example, The Fool (0) of the Major Arcana features a seedling tree on a cliff edge.  The ravine is deep but the other trees below invite him to take the first step.  Also, the sun and the friendly clouds beckon to him.  To me, this card speaks of hope and possibilities.  I can relate more to this particular Fool card more than to others in many decks.  But since it lacks the customary Tarot imagery, I do not see how this can be understood by many people.

I chose the Tarot of the Trees for mediation because of its rich artwork and subject matter.  Since it lacks the usual Tarot symbolism that people expect, I do not foresee using this deck for pubic divination.  It is a personal deck with particular meanings for me. The Tarot of the Trees calls to me on an intuitive level to go deeper.  Because of this deck’s vibrant and interesting artwork, it sings to me.  
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