Thursday, May 19, 2011


The most widespread of all the Snake species is the tiny Brahminy Blind Snake.  Since She is the size of a piece of spaghetti, Brahminy Blind Snake is often overlooked by many people.  A native of Southeast Asia, She is often mistaken for a Worm.  Because She lives in flowerpots, this earned her the name “Flowerpot Snake”.  Moreover, this tiny primitive Snake often finds her way into horticultural greenhouses by mistake through flowerpots.  But wherever Brahminy Blinds Snake finds Herself, She is welcomed because She eats insect larvae plaguing gardeners.
            What makes Brahminy Blind Snake unique amongst Snakes is how She breeds.  Scientists have documented that She is a unisexual Snake.  A consummate colonizer, Brahminy Blind Snake breeds through parthenogenesis.  When She reaches maturity, She lays eggs without any help from a Male.
            Brahminy Blind Snake aptly displays the power of Self.  She does not need another to complete Her.  In her travels, Brahminy Blind Snake is the power of One.  Learn from Her how to be complete, and come into your own power.

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