Wednesday, May 25, 2011

STILETTO SNAKES (Mole Vipers, Burrowing Asps): Expect the Unexpected

            Found in Africa, Stiletto Snakes (Atractaspis) are well-suited for their underground life.  Burrowing through the earth, They look for a tasty Lizard.  Finding one, Stiletto Snakes stab the unfortunate animal with their fangs, and then eat Him. These Snakes can kill without opening their mouths.  Highly venomous, Stiletto Snakes possess huge venom sacs.  Because They live underground, Stiletto Snakes are only encountered by people when they dig in their gardens. 
            Because of their large horizontal fangs, Stiletto Snakes can strike sideways and backwards.  With a jerk of their heads, these Snakes kill by a sideways stab of their fangs.  (Unlike other venomous Snakes, these Snakes stab their victims instead with their fangs.)  The stabbing injects the venom, earning these Snakes the name “stiletto”.  Although these Snakes are venomous, They are not considered to be Vipers.  Causing much taxonomic confusion among scientists because of their unusual fangs, Stiletto Snakes have been placed in their own family for the time being.
            Be prepared and on guard counsel Stiletto Snakes.  Instead of striking forwards, these distinctive Snakes will stab backwards.  Be wary or you will suffer the consequences, for there is no known antidote for their venom.  Irascible by nature, Stiletto Snakes will stab quickly and often sideways and backwards.  Expect the unexpected hiss Stiletto Snakes. 

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