Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Divination in Nature: Luck proverbs

Signs of Good Luck: 

A sneezing cat brings good luck.
A cock crowing out as a person leaves for work means good luck that day.
Frogs coming into a home means good luck is arriving.
Seeing a whale is good luck.

“Ants building nests near the door, security and riches will come in the future.”
If a spider falls on you from the ceiling, you will have good luck.
Finding a spider on your clothes means money coming soon.
Finding a dead crow is good luck.

Signs of Bad Luck: 

Three butterflies on a leaf are unlucky.
Two crows flying together from left is bad luck.
Birds at a window bring bad news.  A robin tapping on window brings bad news.
When a lizard crosses your path, the day will not be a happy one.

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