Monday, January 30, 2012

Divination in Nature: Weather proverbs

Signs of a Severe Winter:
Squirrels seen gathering a lot of nuts mean a severe winter.
The wider the brown segments of a woolly bear caterpillar, the milder the winter.
On February 2, if the groundhog sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter.
When hornets build their nests near the ground, expect a cold and early winter.

Signs of Good Weather:
Dolphins swimming alongside of a ship mean good weather.
If after a rain, you see enough blue sky to make a man a pair of paints, it will clear.

Signs of Rain:
A sneezing cat is a sign of rain.
A cow slapping a tree with its tail means bad weather.
A bat hitting a building is a sign of rain.
Frogs croak more just before a rain.

Busy ants mean that bad weather is coming.
“When leaves show their undersides, be very sure that rain betides.”
“A pale moon rising portends rain the next day.”
“Sea gull, sea gull, sit on the sand/ It’s never good weather while you’re on the land.”

“When grasses dry out at morning light, look for rain before the night.”
“Sound traveling far and wide, a stormy day betide.”

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