Saturday, February 25, 2012

Animal Behavior and Future Events

NASA: Solar Flare of Another Star
For one week (January 23 to 29, 2012), I observed the birds that came to my feeder in the morning.  Then on my afternoon walk, I noted the activities of the animals that I encountered.  Throughout, the week I jotted everything down that I felt to be unusual in my journal.

A white squirrel that has a nest near my building rarely shows itself to me.  However for three days in a row, this particular squirrel sat on the fence bordering the sidewalk, looking at me.  Since that squirrel was acting oddly, I decided to check out the behavior of the other grey squirrels.  They, too, were acting peculiarly because they were continually grooming and flicking their bushy tails.  Since all the squirrels could not remain still for very long, they seemed to be more nervous than usual.  Later, I found out that massive solar flares had occurred during these days.  The intense magnetic waves from the sun were affecting these small mammals.  These squirrels were reacting to the increased activity of the sun in their strange behavior.

On another day, I witnessed a duel between a downy and a hairy woodpecker at my suet feeder.  Moreover these two birds drove the other birds away from the suet, with their pointed beaks.  An hour later, the sky turned black, opened up, and then poured down buckets of water.  The woodpeckers seem desperate to get their suet before any other bird.

The only non-natural event that I could correlate with the activities in nature was the delivery of my living room rug.  Two Carolina wrens visited my feeder that morning and early afternoon.  Besides lingering, the two wrens trilled for a while.  Meanwhile, when I took my garbage to the dumpster, a flock of Canadian geese flew low over my head twice.  These birds wanted my attention for something.  They seemed to want me remain home for some reason.

Later that afternoon, the delivery man brought the large heavy rug up the stairs to my door.  He was happy to see me, since he did not want to have to take the rug back down to his truck.  This delivery was a surprise to me, since I had just ordered the rug, the day before.  The birds wanted me to be home to receive the rug, since I was not expecting it.

In my observations throughout the week, I noticed that the proverbs for weather seemed to be true.  On some days, the birds sang in early morning, indicating a clear day to come.  Another day, it rained until a bit of blue sky appeared.  The west wind blew the clouds out, and a beautiful crescent moon rose that night.  

The sayings for luck seemed more subjective.  I could not determine if anything happened to me luck-wise.  For example, birds flying on the left or right side of me did not change or portend anything unusual.  Only the delivery of rug and the birds seemed to be linked.

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