Tuesday, February 07, 2012

HYAENODON: Ideas of Success

            The most successful member of the Creodont Family (early predatory Mammals) was Hyaenodon.  Resembling a modern Wolf, Hyaenodon ran on her toes like modern Dogs.  Using her powerful jaws and sharp teeth, She also tore off meat and broke bones.
            Smaller Hyaenodons hunted in packs at night, while the larger ones hunted alone.  However, Hyaenodons of all sizes ground their teeth to intimidate other animals.  Also, They pooped on their prey after eating their fill.  By covering the smell, Hyaenodons kept scavengers away from their kill.
            Hyaenodon gigas, who was the size of a Rhino, hunted the largest Mammals that had ever roamed on the land.  This Hyaenodon lived at the same time that modern Carnivores were emerging, and competed with Them.  Although, Hyaenodon gigas did go extinct, She was successful in her day.
            Hyaenodon challenges our modern ideas of success and superiority.  She asks us to accept her success and skill as much as we do modern Carnivores.  Hyaenodon took down the giants of Mammal kind, and brags to us about her success.  Measuring success is not done by one yardstick but many.  Hyaenodon challenges us to step outside our notions of success, and find new ways of judging.

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