Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cuttlefish: Cunning

Cuttlefish, like their cousin Octopus, will hide during the day and feed at night. However, Cuttlefish differ from Octopus by having a shell inside their mantle, like the Squid, their other cousin. This is the cuttlebone, which helps the Cuttlefish regulate their buoyancy.

The cunning Cuttlefish will hide in sand or seaweed with its tentacles forward, wiggling like fat worms. When an unsuspecting fish investigates the "worms", Cuttlefish will jet forward and grab the fish. Sometimes, Cuttlefish will sneak up behind Crab and nab Him with Her tentacles. Just be careful that you do not just rely only on your wiles. Cuttlefish have other means of protecting Herself such as the ability to change color and to squirt ink to hide.

Cuttlefish' Teachings Include: "Cuttlefish ultimately heralds a legacy; something you're planning on leaving your children, or something being kept in store for you." Copyright: "Australian Animal Dreaming", Scott Alexander King

Cuttlefish' Wisdom Includes:
Having Relations

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