Thursday, April 12, 2012

Octopus: Facing Difficult Situations

Cuttlefish, Octopus, and Squid are Cephalopoda (which means head-footed). Their tentacles (feet) project from their head region. Like all Cephalopods, Octopus defends Herself by releasing a cloud of black ink. The difference between an Octopus and a Squid is that the Octopus has eight tentacles and no shell, whereas the Squid has more tentacles and a shell.

This intelligent Cephalopod is an escape artist. Without a hard shell, the Octopus can squeeze into and out of very small openings. In pursuit of food, the Octopus can go anywhere with little trouble.

However, Octopus is anti-social, preferring to live in caves. Some will block the entrances to their den with rocks to keep intruders out. Remember, that although Octopus has much to teach, She has problems with groups.

Octopus' Teachings Include:
“Octopus is telling you to take a step away and hide behind the smokescreen, see what is happening fully before acting - when you do, it will be more effective." Copyright: Unknown

“The octopus has a built-in defense system to guard against negative attack. She teaches us to guard against those negative persons and situations that might otherwise harm us.” Copyright: Unknown

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