Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tarot and Dragons: The Dragons Tarot Cards (2 of 2)

The other two cards that we felt a kinship with were the “Six of Cups” of the Minor Arcana and “The Star (XVII)” of the Major Arcana.  We regarded these two cards to be the bookends to the “Knight of Coins”.  Together, the three cards represent the whole of us and the nature of our relationship. 

The “Six of Cups” features several dragon boats (steered by humans) which are being led by dolphins.  In the moonlight, these boats are coming into an inlet.  This card evokes a sense of mutual assistance between humans and the others.  Since the humans have reached a major milestone on their trek, this card also exudes a sense of accomplishment.  I view this card as me on my voyage with my Guide leading me.  (I accept Peesey’s help in my life.)  Donaldson writes that the meaning of this card is “Lessons about sharing, giving, and receiving to be learned.”  He further indicates that the dolphins are only playing.  However in traditional lore, dolphins do lead sailors to safe harbor.  Therefore the meaning of the card that my Guide and I understood was “mutual assistance”. 

Meanwhile, “The Star (XVII)” reflects my Guide’s aspirations.  While watching a shooting star, an adult dragon spills water out into a pool formed by waterfalls.  Surrounding the pool are quartz crystals, (which for other cards, the author indicates that the crystals are “potent magic”).  Meanwhile, this dragon makes a wish on the star.  This is the card of my Guide’s future hopes since He aspires to be the best dragon he can be.  Peesey cannot do this alone, but needs my help to achieve his goal.  The author’s meaning for this card is “realization, hope, inspiration.”  Our sense of the card is the realization of our hopes and the inspiration to go further.

Since the Minor Arcana suit of Coins in “The Dragon Tarot” depicted forest scenes, my Guide related the best to them.  In contrast, He had problems with Wands, which was the element of Fire.  Meanwhile, I had problems with Swords (Air) but my Guide helped me with their meanings.  With “The Dragon Tarot”, most of our meditations resulted in being a little off in the cards’ meanings from what Donaldson intended them to be.  However, we felt that we understood what the dragons wanted us to know.

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