Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ray Family: Grace

an eagle ray
Rays are peculiar looking creatures with flat bodies and strange eyes. What looks like blinking eyes on the Rays' bodies are spiracles, which serve to attract Fish among other things. The real eyes, on the back, never blink and are always looking up. Rays' tails are armed with one or more lethal points (spines).

Seen on sea bottoms, Rays often appear to be a part of the seabed. While Rays are hovering, They are looking for food. Finding what They seek, a Ray will suddenly sweep up from the bottom and glide through the darkening sea. Shaped like a kite with a tail, a Ray will flap his pectoral fins, while speeding toward the prey. Watching a Ray move is watching grace in motion.
Ray's Wisdom Includes:
Fluid Movement
Piercing the Veil of Darkness

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