Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finned and Water Ones: Moving through fluid realms, with intuition

Fish were the first vertebrates to appear on earth, about five hundred million years ago. Since that time, They have evolved into one of the most diverse and successful of animal groups. The "lobe-finned" Fish such as the Lungfish, are the oldest, and can live for brief periods on land. Sharks and Rays have no bones, only cartilage. Bony Fish range from Sturgeon to Trout to Seahorses.

Other animals who live in water are the Crustaceans, Cephalopods, and Jellyfish. Crustaceans live in freshwater, deep oceans, and tidal pools. Their claws and hard shells serve to protect Them from predators. Cephalopods, with their tentacles, are known for their inky defenses. Jellyfish float from North Pole to South Pole, seeking food.

Not every animal that swims in water is a Fish, but every animal has something to teach. Since water is a fluid element, these Water Ones move and change. They demonstrate an innate grace. The Water Ones are unusual to land dwellers but They beckon all to come into the unknown depths to explore, to play, and to learn. Even the Ones who live between land and water teach lessons of flourishing and flexibility.

Many animal wisdom books list "Fish" or perhaps "Salmon" for Finned and Water ones. Since Fish range from the peculiar looking Seahorse to the fierce Great White Shark to the scrappy Largemouth Bass, to discuss Fish wisdom in general terms seems to be a bit absurd. One can generalize some characteristics for Finned Ones' or Water Ones' families such as Crabs walk sideways or that Salmon migrate home.
Finned and Water Ones' Teachings Include:
Sensitivity To Emotions
Energy of Transformation
The Unknown

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