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Cousin to the Stegosaurus, Frilled Lizard has his own special heating and cooling system. Like many an ancient dinosaur, He uses his frill to regulate his body temperature. In fact, the spitting dinosaurs of the movie, “Jurassic Park” (Spielberg, 1993) are based on Australian Frilled Lizard.

Frilled Lizard is a tree dweller of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. He is often seen on branches basking in the sun. Lazily, this Lizard stretches to another branch using his slim forelegs and enlarged hind legs. Sometimes, if motivated, He will jump from branch to branch.

Known for his colorful frilled ruff, Frilled Lizard raises it during courtship or when threatened. Normally the ruff lies folded flat against his long neck, acting as a solar panel absorbing heat. With his ruff raised and his long tail whipping, Frilled Lizard can be a frightening foe.

Sometimes when threatened Frilled Lizard will dash to the nearest tree. More often He will unfurl his ruff and make Himself twice as large. If the frill doesn’t scare off attackers, Frilled Lizard will rear up on his hind legs and swipe the air with his claws. Being bipedal, He will hop up and down like a Kangaroo.

In all He does, Australian Frilled Lizard maintains his dignity and self-assuredness. He teaches pride and confidence in yourself. He also reminds you that you should have an alternative plan for escape when necessary.

Frilled Lizard’s Teachings Include:
"One thing Frilled Neck Lizard has not forgotten but, alas, man has, is how to let go. If man would only remember to trust his inner Dream and learn to let go, his enlightenment would be ensured." Copyright. "Wisdom of Australian Animals," Ann Williams-Fitzgerald.
Frilled Lizard’s Wisdom
Trust Your Inner Dream
Being Self-assured
Looking Dignified
Having Alternative Plans

Note: The Agamidae Family, which Frilled Lizard belongs to, are Old World counterparts of the Iguana Family

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