Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dragons: Meeting My Dragon Guide (2 of 2)

This particular Dragon was the shy one from the Arboretum. He had felt safe around me, and was willing to be my friend. Great Mother Dragon felt that we would make a good pair.

I would be his “mentor” for learning about humankind, and He would aid me in my recovery. This Dragon would help me to leave my home, and I would help Him to leave his forest. Meanwhile, Great Mother Dragon would watch over us both.

The shy forest Dragon was emerald green and dappled brown. Bouncing around with excitement, He told me that He liked shiny stones and bright colors. He especially liked my emerald-green Gaia stone (from Mt. St. Helens) and my bright purple charoite, Also, He liked that I had laid them out in my “dragon meeting space”, since it made Him feel especially welcomed. Then He took me on his back, and we explored his world of brooks, flowers, as well as met some of his friends amongst the small field dragons and forest fairies.

 When we returned from our quiet, gentle journey, the Forest Dragon told me that if I wanted to contact Him, I could use my forest stone – a large five pound green-brown polished stone with natural figures of various animals embedded in it. He said that this stone could act as a gateway to his forest. In my meditations, I could use this stone to travel to visit Him in his forest.

During my time with the two Dragons, I felt bittersweet joy. I was happy to meet the Forest Dragon, but sad that the Great Mother Dragon could not be my Guide anymore. The music that I was playing during this time was “The Unanswered Question” (1906) by Charles Ives (American, 1874-1954). This piece of music features a lonely trumpet asking the “perennial question of existence”. The responding woodwinds continually fail to give an appropriate answer. Meanwhile, the strings, who like the Druids, know the answer to the trumpet’s question. Ives had written that the strings were “a world of pure spirit, the silence of the Druids”. It is in this silence, that the question is answered. Ives’ piece made me realize that the dragons speak to me in silence now.

 I realized that I had not asked the Forest Dragon his name. He said that I already knew it. His name was “Peesey”, the name I that sometimes called my therapeutic ladybug toy. Since I carry this stuffed toy with me, I felt that “Peesey” would be close to me. In fact, I could sometimes feel his gentle energy inside the ladybug.  

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