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Tarot and Dragons: Imperial Dragon Oracle Second Reading (1 of 2)

After choosing the “Imperial Dragon Oracle” by Andy Baggott and Peter Pracownik, I used their “Cardinal Spread” to ask about my future studies at the Grey School of Wizardry.  Because of my traumatic brain injury, I was afraid that I will not graduate.  I thought that I will reach a point where the classes will become too complex for me.  Therefore, I was nervous about this reading since I thought the cards would confirm my fears.

My Dragon Guide (Peesey) told me not to worry, because I could always ask Him for help.  Furthermore, He would relay the wise counsel from Great Mother Dragon to me.  With his reassurance that the Dragons would guide me in my studies, I dealt the cards.

Question:  How will I do in my studies at the Grey School of Wizardry?

“The Cardinal Spread”
Position One: North (The Element of Earth)
“Where does the root of the issue lie?”
The card that I drew was “Fertility (3)”, which is “The Emperor (III) in the Tarot.  According to Baggott, the source of energy for this card is “Mother nature”.  He adds that this card’s messages are to “follow your natural instincts”, and to “align with the energies of the land.”

What struck me about this card is that it is the only one in the deck that features a human.  In this card, a dragon is enveloping a woman with her wings.  What I see is Great Mother Dragon holding me in her love.  The root of the issue for me is to trust the Dragons, and to know that I am not alone in my studies.  Moreover, I need to keep in contact with My Guide and Great Mother Dragon. I am reminded that the Great Mother Dragon works through Peesey, My Dragon Guide, to help me further.

Position Two: East (The Element of Air)
“Who is my guide in this issue?”
I drew the card of “Temperance (14)”, which is “Temperance (XIV) in the Tarot.  This card depicts a red and a blue dragon pouring water into a pool in the moonlight.  According to Baggott, the two dragons represent the “ying” and “yang” of life.  Since the keyword of this card is “unification”, it follows that the card’s meaning is the “reconciliation of apparent opposites.”

For me to succeed in my studies, My Dragon Guide and I need to pool our resources.  We are opposites in many ways – He is eager and full of energy, while I am more sedate.  By complementing our diverse natures, we can move forward together as a team.  As a member of this team, I can look forward to graduation from the Grey School.

The other subtext of this card is to unify my two selves – the pre-injury and post-injury me, so that I can succeed in my studies.  Being mindful of this, I need to stop fighting myself, and to channel this energy into learning.  By accepting both the “ying” and “yang” parts of myself, I can progress through the various Levels at the Grey School.

Position Three: South (The Element of Fire)
“What do I need to learn from this issue?”

The card that I drew was “Love (6)”, which is “The Lovers (VI)” of the Tarot.  The root meaning of this card is “acceptance”, which suggests to me to accept my brain injury, work with it, and not fight it.  Until now I have been forcing my injured brain work the way it did when it was healthy. By accepting my brain as it is, I can live with the ebb and flow of my life that my brain dictates.  After learning this cycle of rest and activity of my brain, I can apply what I learned to how I finish my classes at the Grey School of Wizardry in the future.

The two dragons of “Temperance (14)” are now joined as one.  By accepting the love of My Guide and Great Mother Dragon, I learn to love myself as I am.  In this manner, I unite my two halves into one being.  

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