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Tarot and Dragons: Imperial Dragon Oracle: Second Round(2 of 2)

Position Four: West (the Element of Water)
“Obstacles or challenges I need to be aware of.”
I drew the “Lunar Dragon (18)”, which is “The Moon (XVIII)” of the Tarot.  In this card, a single dragon is holding a moon while sitting between two obelisks.  There is a lunar eclipse but the sun’s corona still shines through since the shadow shows where the light is.  Baggott explains that the energy of this card derives itself from the “shadow self”.  He emphasizes that for the “whole” to exist, the “ying” must be acknowledged as well as the “yang”. 

The “Lunar Dragon (18)” sits opposite “Temperance (14)”.  It tells me that My Dragon Guide wants me to accept the “shadow self” of my disability and my grief over being injured.  Like the tides, my disability has an ebb and flow to it.  As the moon governs the tides, my brain governs my rhythms of resting and working.  By going to the source and not fighting these rhythms, I can complete my classes with relative ease.

Position Five: Center (The Element of the Spirit)
“The potential future if lessons are learned and obstacles are overcome.”

The final card of the spread was “The Seeker (0)”, which is “The Fool (0)” in the Tarot.  Once I accept my shadow self (which includes my disability), I can have a new future of “limitless possibilities”.  My future at the Grey School will be amzing and illuminating.  Baggott writes, “If we choose to align our current energy to this magnificent being, it will take us on a wonderful adventure.”  This also subtly reminds me that I need to include My Dragon Guide in my studies as well.

“The Seeker (0)” shows a green dragon flying triumphantly over the mountains, with the full moon  guiding the way.  Green is the mixing of two primary colors, thereby symbolizing the union of two divergent forces. (Though for my reading, purple would have been more appropriate.)  This symbolizes the unification which follows “Love (6)” and “Temperance (14)”.  This will happen once I listen to the Dragons and follow their guidance.

The subtle energies of the cards were balanced.  “Fertility (3)” is governed by Venus, who rules love, is paired with “Love (6)”.  The energy of Earth is doubled by “Fertility (3)”, while the energy of water is doubled by “Lunar Dragon (19)”.  Meanwhile “Temperance (14)”, which is governed by the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, sits in the position of Air.  “Love (4)”, which is governed by the Air Sign of Gemini, sits in the position of Fire.  These cards point to the balancing of the energies to allow the Spirit to come through.
This reading made me feel hopeful.  With the insight of accepting my disability instead of fighting it, I can achieve much in my studies at the Grey School of Wizardry.  Most importantly, I feel the love of the Dragons coming through in this reading.  The Great Mother Dragon and Peesey gently reminded me of their presence in my life.  They wanted me to know that I can rely on Them for help.

What came out of the reading that I will remember is the love that the Dragons have for me.  They want me to succeed, and to come into my own as a magickal person.  I feel enveloped by the wings of Great Mother Dragon as She holds me.  To show my love for Her and My Guide, I shall continue with  my studies.

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