Thursday, January 10, 2013


The largest and heaviest living Insect on earth is Goliath Beetle of Africa. Goliath Beetle grows up to be about thirteen centimeters (five inches) long and weighing about 100 grams (3.5 ounces). Part of nature’s clean-up crew, Goliath Beetle eats dead plant material.

Living in Africa, Mother Goliath Beetle lays her eggs in the rich moist, rotting wood of rain forest trees. After hatching, Goliath Beetle larvae eat the decomposing logs, returning various nutrients to the soil. The adult Goliath Beetle feeds on anything sugary like fruit and sap from injured trees. Because Goliath Beetle prefers high protein foods, He also eats other Insects.

Many people shriek and flee in fear when encountering a bug of any type. Face your fears with scary looking but harmless Goliath Beetle. Embrace Him, and love Goliath Beetle as you would a pet.

Goliath Beetle’s Teachings Include:
“A beetle trundling across your path means a lucky day. The bigger the beetle, the greater the luck, so don't squash it.” Copyright: “Gypsy Magic”, Patrinella Cooper.

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