Thursday, January 03, 2013


Brightly colored red with black spots, Lady Bugs are easily noticed. Since They eat pests, many farmers and gardeners have encouraged Them to thrive where ever they have found Lady Bugs. Considered to be good luck, Lady Bugs have, many times, saved crops from certain disaster.

Their bright patterns of black and orange, red, or yellow serve as a warning to predators, since Lady Bugs have an unpleasant taste. Lady Bugs have other defenses as well. When threatened, They bleed blood from their leg joints. This blood contains an unpleasant substance that repels Birds and Ants.

These brightly colored Beetles go about their business, not worrying about potential predators. Lady Bugs teach how to stop worrying and to love life.

Lady Bug’s Teachings Include:
“The ladybird (ladybug) is one of the more familiar and most loved insects: a seven-spotted ladybird brings luck when it lands on you.” Copyright: “Gypsy Magic”, Patrinella Cooper.
Lady Bug/Lady Beetle's Wisdom Includes:
How to Release Worry
The Energy of Harmlessness
Messenger of Promise
Trust and Faith
Fulfilled Wishes

The members of the Insect Family Coleoptra Coccinellidae Hippodamia spp. and Cooccinella spp. are called Lady Beetle. The common name is "Lady Bug."

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