Friday, December 21, 2012

STAG BEETLE Quiet Service

Stag Beetle gets the attention of a Female Stag Beetle by parading around with his head raised and his antler-like jaws (chelicerae) wide open. In mating battles, He spars with his Rivals using his large jaws as a Stag Deer would use his antlers. Because of his deer-like mating behavior, this Insect is called “Stag Beetle”.

The difference in size between Stag Beetle and his Mate caused people to think that They were different species. Although Stag Beetle’s jaws are huge, He cannot use them as weapons. However, his smaller Mate can, and She will give any intruder a sharp nip.

Stag Beetle Larva feeds on decaying wood and roots of tree stumps. By eating old and decaying wood, He is a helpful Insect. Stag Beetle helps the trees by returning the minerals of dead wood to the soil. Stag Beetle is a flagship species for a whole range of animals dependent on access to dead wood.

The ancient Greeks had a myth about the origin of Stag Beetle. The first man to play the lyre was a famous musician named Cerambus. Unfortunately for him, Cerambus angered the nymphs who herded his Sheep and Goats. For their revenge, the nymphs turned him into a Stag Beetle, who now wanders around the forest feeding on decaying wood. Ancient Greek children would capture Stag Beetle to use his horned head for a pretend lyre.

In medieval times, people believed that Stag Beetle flew around with a hot coal in his jaws setting fire to buildings. Meanwhile Albrecht Durer (1471 – 1528) became one of the first artists to realistically draw a Stag Beetle. In his paintings and drawings, Durer associated Stag Beetle with Christ.

People do pay attention to Stag Beetle but little understand Him or his ways. People usually disliked Him because of his ugliness. However, Stag Beetle still quietly goes about helping the forest grow. Durer did recognize Stag Beetle’s attributes when he used this Beetle to symbolize Christ’s quiet service to humanity.

Stag Beetle teaches quiet service. While others are noticed for what they do, He calmly goes about his business eating dead wood. Unnoticed, Stag Beetle faces a host of predators and unthinking people to provide a vital service for keeping the forest alive.

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