Saturday, December 08, 2012

Ogham (Irish Alphabet): Divination (2 of 2)

B.N.: “Will ‘Magic, the Gathering ™’ have a story line that will take place in Kamigawa?”
The Ogham drawn in order:
1.      Muin (Vine, 3rd aicme, 1st few): prophecy and lack of inhibition.
2.      Tinne (Holly, 2nd aicme, 3rd few): justice and balance.
3.      Uilleann (Woodbine, Honeysuckle, 5th aicme, 3rd few): drawing things together and binding them. “Through the lack of inhibition, justice, and balance will draw things together and bind them.”
“Magic” is a role-playing card game that has a plot for the players to follow with particular cards that they are dealt. A favorite setting for story lines in the game is Kamigama. B.N. said that the company discontinued this place for a setting because it was not profitable. I told him that he and the other fans need to contact the company. If the fans informed the company of how much money they will spend on this feature, the company may consider bringing Kamigawa back.

C.M.: “Will my friend keep his ‘Pathfinder ™’ game going?”
The Ogham drawn in order:
1.      Gort (Ivy, 3rd aicme, 2nd few): search for yourself and inner wisdom.
2.      Ur (Heather, 4th aicme, 3rd few): healing and homelands.
3.      Ceirt (Apple, 2nd aicme, 5th few): the Otherworld and choice.
“Using your inner wisdom, you know the choice.”
“Pathfinder”, a role-playing game, requires a gamemaster to devise the plot and govern the flow of the game. The gamemaster of this group was getting tired of the game, and wanted to wind down the current plotline. C.M. and his friends wanted him to continue the game.

I believe that word play of the Ogham came out with “homelands” and the “Otherworld” to refer to the game. The gamemaster had decided to end the game, and get a rest from hosting the group. C.M. said that he already figured that out, but wanted further confirmation.

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