Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BEETLE FAMILY: Discernment

rhinoceros beetle

Beetles have been on the earth for about 300 million years and are the most numerous of all Insects. Since Beetles are the largest order in the animal kingdom, to describe Them as a single group is impossible. Aristotle named Beetles “Coleoptera” (Sheath or Shield Wings) because their hardened front wings cover their hind wings like a shield. The name “Beetle” comes from the Old English word for “little biter”.

“Good” Beetles include Dung Beetles, who scavenge on animal excrement or dung. They roll the dung into a ball, which They bury for future use. Dung Beetles help to clean up the environment. Leaf Beetles are an example of “Bad” Beetles. No sooner than leaves appear on trees than do Leaf Beetles emerge and eat them away. If They are unchecked, these colorful Beetles can deforest an area.

Beetle teaches us not to take everything on face value. Some colorful Beetles are destructive while others such as Lady Bugs (Lady Beetles) are beneficial. Take each Beetle on Its own merits. Teaches Beetle: You must use discernment in all your affairs.

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