Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ogham (Irish Alphabet): Divination (1 of 2)

With the Ogham disks that I made, I did four divinations – one for an older man and three for young men. My method was to draw three disks from a bag. These disks then form a sentence that answers the question.) The difference in the maturity of these four people was reflected in their questions. The older man asked about the on-going war in Syria, whilst the young men asked about girlfriends and various role-playing games. Since each question was a major concern for each questioner, the Ogham treated each with the same gravity. No question was regarded to be silly.

D.W.: “Will the U.S. go to war in Syria?”
The Ogham drawn in order:
1.      Ohn (Gorse, 4th aicme, 2nd few): collecting things to you.  The Morann MacMain kenning of “the wheels of the chariot are written” seems more appropriate.
2.      Ceirt (Apple, 2nd aicme, 5th few): the Otherworld and choice.
3.      Straif (Blackthorn, 3rd aicme, 4th few): trouble and negativity.
“After a gathering of information, a choice will be made which will be trouble.”
I told D.W. that after a period of gathering information, the U.S. will become involved in the civil war in Syria, much to his dismay.

W.C.: “Will my girlfriend continue to be my friend?”
The Ogham drawn in order:
1.      Beith (Birch, 1st aicme, 1st few): new beginnings.
2.      Muin (Vine, 3rd aicme, 1st few): prophecy and lack of inhibition.
3.      Coll (Hazel, 2nd aicme, 4th few): wisdom and intuition.
“After a new beginning, a lack of inhibition will occur. At that time, follow the wisdom of your intuition.”
W.C. was having problems with his girlfriend and wanted advice on how their relationship would turn out. I told him that he and she would start over. Once she felt more secure, she would be less guarded around him. Act on the wisdom of your intuition, and listen to her.

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