Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Jackalope is an antlered species of Hare, native to the American West. An aggressive Hare, Jackalope is usually seen spearing Buffalo with his horns. Milk from Female Jackalopes is often sought by lonely people for its powers to attract mates. However, the only way to catch Jackalope is to lure Him with whiskey. Once intoxicated, He is slower and easier to hunt.

Besides Jackalope, other Horned Rabbits live in various places of the world -- Raurackl of Austria, Wolpertinger of Bavaria, Skvader of Sweden, and Dilldapp of Switzerland. In Asia, noted Persian scholar al-Qazurini (13th Century) wrote about the “al Muradj”, the Horned Hare. In addition, ancient texts of Buddhism hint at Buddha’s thoughts about Horned Rabbits.

Wolpertinger of Bavaria has a body of a rabbit, but with the feathered wings of a bird. Some of the other Horned Rabbits have fangs and antlers. Unlike Jackalope, They are very shy and hardly ever seen in the wild.

Jackalope and Horned Rabbits teach people about whimsy. Jackalope tells people to look at life less seriously, and to expect merriment every day. Somewhere in the mists of time and space, Jackalope and His Fellow Horned Rabbits romp with impunity and glee.

Note: Actually Horned Rabbits do exist. They are Rabbits with a virus that causes tumors to grow on their bodies. The tumors resemble horns.

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