Friday, April 12, 2013

JACKRABBIT: Having A Sense of Humor

One of the symbols of the American West, Jackrabbit lives in open areas such as grasslands and deserts.  Jackrabbit is actually the name for a Family of Hares-- Black-Tailed, White-Tailed, Antelope (the largest Hare in North America), and White-Sided. The biggest, fastest, and flashiest of this Family is Antelope Jackrabbit, who can outrun run everything except Antelope. Antelope Jackrabbit is also the source of Jackalope (horned rabbit) legends.

Jackrabbit got his name because of his long ears. These oversize ears allow Him to hear the faintest sounds, and as well as to stay cool during the hot day. Since He looked like a Mule, early European settlers called Him “Jackass Rabbit”.

Jackrabbit is well adapted to his life in the open. His brown fur provides camouflage against the vegetation. If spotted by Predators, Jackrabbit runs faster than Race Horse, and leaps over rocks and bushes to evade capture. His eyes on the sides of his head gives Jackrabbit all-around vision, and also help Him to spot danger from any direction.

Clever Jackrabbit zigzags across the desert, and dashes about confounding his pursuers. Often while being chased, He flashes a white patch on his rump. Most hunters say that this is to warn their Dogs that the chase is hopeless.

With his strange ears, Jackrabbit is one of the Animals of the American West that people often remember.  One joke that Westerners play on new people is to tell them about the Jackalope (a large Jackrabbit with Antelope horns). The Jackalope is often seen by people who have had too much to drink. Having a sense of humor is what Jackrabbit teaches people. Just don’t be too gullible, or you will be the object of ridicule.

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