Friday, July 03, 2015

Tarot: Tarot of the Animal Lords: Daydreaming (2 of 2)

XIV. Temperance
(This shows a flamingo pouring water from one pitcher to another. Meanwhile a grebe nests at her feet.) 

As I watched Temperance, the Flamingo, pour her water, I noticed her wistful watching of the migrating Mallard Duck. I kept thinking that she seemed restless while waiting for Mother Grebe to hatch her eggs. Perhaps pouring the water back and forth, steadied her, and helped to her to be balanced for the moment. For Temperance knew that once the eggs were hatched, she could leave. “Temperance” taken to the extreme meant to me the inability to move. 

XVIII. The Moon

(This card features an owl and a cat ascending a stair way to the crescent moon. They are taking a crab with them.)

 Walking up the staircase, I marveled at the Moon, who invited me to sit on it. The Owl and Cat told me that they were going taking Crab home. As the trio set off, riding on the Crescent Moon, Crab explained that he needed to return to his lady friend, before the Full Moon. Watching this surreal scene, I felt that I had entered a dream world of moon glow and mystery. Perhaps I did, with the illusions taking me on a confusing magical trip.

 XX. Judgement

(A crocodile sits on a mangrove tree root holding a stick. A plover perches on his open mouth.)

 Drifting in a canoe in the swamp, I stopped to ask the Crocodile where I was. He told me it was hard to talk with a plover in his mouth, whilst the Plover merely grunted at me. After picking off the leeches from the Crocodile’s mouth, he explained that they lived in balance, taking and giving. The Crocodile smiled, telling me that Plover was his dentist. He said that he gets clean gums, whilst Plover gets a meal. As I pondered the pair, I realized that one aspect of judgement was knowing when to enter the Crocodile’s mouth.

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