Thursday, September 01, 2016


The Black Bass Family, a family of freshwater fish in the Sunfish Family, is well known in sport fishing for being strong explosive fighters. This Fish Family of North America are called the Micropterus (incertae sedis) to differentiate this Family from other fish called “Bass.” Fish in Black Bass Family include Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, who are popular with anglers. Since They come in various shades of green, grey and black, most people identify the different Members in this Family by their jaws.

Preferring clear, clean waters, Black Bass Male usually nests in gravelly bottoms. He builds a small round “bed” and then chases after Female Black Bass, when She enters his territory. After an intense mating dance, She lays her eggs and leaves. A diligent Father, Black Bass keeps his Fry (Baby Fish) safe until They are ready to leave the nest. He constantly patrols the area guarding against anyone who would attempt eat his Fry.

Black Bass use their keen senses to hunt their prey. Their inner ears can pick up the click of the claws of a crayfish walking on pebbles. With their lateral line (a row of sensory pores that extend from their gills to their tail), Black Bass can sense vibrations in the water. Added to that is their excellent eyesight which includes seeing colors.

As an apex predator, Black Bass will eat small alligators, birds, and mammals. This wily Fish will seek out the deepest parts of a pond. Waiting patiently, He will suddenly explode into action gobbling up the unwary Duckling paddling by. Highly adaptable, Black Bass can adjust his feeding habits to wherever He lives. His popularity in sport fishing has made Black Bass a sought after fish. Because of this, He has been introduced to many places outside of North America such as Fiji and South Africa. But his voracious appetite has decimated native populations of Fish. Japan, for example, considers Black Bass to be an invasive Fish.

Black Bass are some of the scrappiest Fish that swim. Catch one, and He will fight you with wild airborne leaps and jolting strikes. “Inch for inch and pound for pound, the gamest fish that swims,” 19th Century sportsmen entered in their journals. Even today anglers feel passionate about Black Bass. Because of their high stamina and great speed, these Fish can break fishing lines and snap poles. Leaping into the air, Black Bass will throw off the lure. In cunning and skill, Black Bass will match anything that an angler can think up to try to catch Him. (Black Bass are the original Pokemon.)

Passion is what Black Bass teaches people. Exuberance for life is why these Fish are top predators. Passion is how They mate and protect their Fry. Devotion is why anglers seek to match wits with Black Bass. However, Black Bass can also warn of prolonged volatility in your life, swinging between nothingness and frenzy. Remember moderation in what you do.

Many fish are called “Bass.” The temperate bass belong to the family Moronidae and the Asian sea bass to the family Lateolabracidae. Black sea bass are members of the sea grouper family (Serranidae). The giant sea bass belongs to the wreckfish family (Polyprionidae).

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